merchant cash advance loans

Full service invoice factoring

Get working capital fast with invoice factoring from Finish Line Capital. Why wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to get your money when we can get it in as little as 24 hours? Here’s how it works.¬†You sell us your outstanding invoices and we will factor you up to 90% of the balance. We will even collect the funds from your slow-paying customers and pay you the remaining balance of your invoice, minus our fee, as the funds are collected.

In the end, you get the cash that you need today and you have more time to focus on business growth. There is no minimum to the amount you can factor. Contact us to find out how affordable invoice factoring is or take a a few minutes to learn about the benefits of receivables factoring.

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Merchant cash advance loans
Our invoice factoring service includes;

  • No hidden fees
  • No penalty fees
  • No collateral needed
  • No perfect credit needed





When you have more time to focus on your business, you can use that time to nurture and grow relationships with you existing clients. One of the most well known facts in the marketing world is that loyal customers are the most profitable customers. And if your business is the type that relies heavily on referrals then you know how important customer service is. Unfortunately, customer service is also very time consuming. By factoring receivables to us, you get your time back.



Expansion is no easy feat. When you are trying to enter new markets you need time to advertise your product or service, time to find reliable partners in the host region or country and time to prepare your operations for the¬†onslaught of potential new customers. The key theme here is time. All good business requires time…and cash. AR factoring with FinishLine and we will give you both. You no longer have to worry about when your cash is coming in, or if it will even come in at all, and can focus your time on growing you business.

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