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Bankers, Don’t lose your clients

We can help
Finishline Capital is not a bank, but offers alternative financial solutions that can become a great outsource for bankers.  If you cannot provide the funding that your clients are seeking, Finishline Capital is your resource that allows you to offer a solution, while still maintaining a close relationship with them. This reduces your risk and exposure, especially due to credit, nature of business industry, loan size or concentration issues.  We allow the bank to safely provide their client a solution, getting them the necessary working capital to achieve growth.  A typical business candidate for Full Service Factoring has these common characteristics: Growth Potential and Slow Receivables.

In addition to providing our Banking Partners with competitive referral fees,  we provide leads for new customers and with other business referral partners. Once a client is funded, we go to work building their business credit profile and credibility, preparing them to qualify for future loans with you. This of course only holds true if they have maintained their deposit relationship with you.


Benefits For Your Bank

  • Expand your Bank’s value to your clients
  • Enhance your Bank’s ROA, Fee Income and Efficiency Ratios with our competitive referral fees.
  • Maintain and grow customer deposits and other Bank products.
  • Leverage the productivity of your existing Bank calling officers.

For Your Bank’s Borrowers

  • A capital solution to fund growth,  pay off Bank line of credit, or for other working capital needs.
  • Professional comprehensive A/R management services:
    • Credit reviews and credit limits for customers
    • Credit protection from bad debt losses
    • Collection assistance

John Cronin